If You Are a Pilot, Don’t Do These

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Neil Amstrong said “Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.” Yup, the main job of pilots is flying aircraft. They bring passengers and importang things to destination places day by day. This makes them have little time to gather with family. Fortunately, they earn much income every month so they can buy many things that they like easily. Are you are a pilot? If you are, you definitely know that becoming a pilot and running your profession are not easy. There are many problems that you should face anytime. However, you have to be professional and avoid doing these:


Cheat on spouse

Going to many places enables you to know many women. If you are not loyal, there is a big possibility for you to cheat on your spouse. You might make forbidden relationship with other womens out there but you should realize that it is not true. Be a loyal person, especially if your spouse always takes care of and pay attention to you optimally. Don’t make her deal with broken heart if you love her. How to avoid cheating on spouse? Avoid going to places that enable you to find many womens, reject your collegues invitation to meet girls in certain places, and think about your spouse. What if there is a woman who likes, falls in love with you, and wants to make you become his boyfriend or even husband? You should never give hope whatever your reasons are. Tell her that you have special someone. By doing this, she definitely know and understand. If she stills hope you, go away and forget her.

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Apply bad lifestyle

There are many pilots who like applying bad lifestyle. This happens because they don’t realize how important their life and future. They usually like staying up, consuming junk foods, drinking soft drinks, skipping eating time, and even shopping unimportant things to make them get satisfaction only. Besides, they invest money as they like without knowing whether they invest in the right place. Do you also want to apply this lifestyle? If you do, remove it in your mind. Realize that bad lifestyle will only make you get many disadvantages. For instance, if you like staying up, you will deal with anemia, headache, insomnia, and so on or if you shop carelessly, you will lack of money and face financial problem someday later.

The worst thing of applying bad lifestyle is you lose your beloved ones because they hate you or you already put them away from your life. You need to know that living alone will make you get any problems and feel that you don’t deserve to live. This will make you hopeless at last. Besides, you can do many bad things to end your life because you regret and feel guilty in deep.

Thus, run your profession professional and never do bad things like mentioned above. Whatever your reasons are, love your spouse, maintain your body’s health, and prepare your future as well as possible. Hopefully, your life will be better.

Common Problems when Working as a Pilot

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pilot 8Pilot is a profession dreamed by many people. Why? This profession is profitable and promising. Pilots can go anywhere, earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, and fulfill all their needs easily. They also have many valuable assets, like cars, motorcycles, properties, jewerlies, and so on. However, this does not mean that pilot is an easy profession. Every time pilots do their job, there is a big responsibility in their heart and mind. Yup, they have to fly while bringing many passangers and valuable things and then arriving in destination place safely. If pilots have bad mental and psycology, their job can make them stress out and feel depressed. This will be worse if they have tight flight schedule that make them get discomfot.

Are you a new pilot? If you are, realize that aside from stressing out because of their job, you will deal with common problems like mentioned below sooner and later and you should solve these problems well:

Have little time to gather with family

When having tight flight schedule, you will have little time to gather with family. If this situation happens once a week, this is no problem, right? Neverhtless, what if this situation happens every day? Of course, you will never have quality time to gather with your family. In the long run, your family relationship will be broken, especially if you cannot manage your time well and go home after doing your jobs. Your family members might feel disappointed and sad, especially if you miss memorable moments together with your family. For instance, when your sister gets married and you still have flight schedule that make you unable to come to your sister’s wedding. She definitely feels sad. Imagine what your parents feel if they get sick and you cannot accompany and entertain them.

In other hand, if you are married, this problem will make your spouse disappointed too. In the long run, she might ask you to divorce her as soon as possible. If your spouse is not questioned this, you should be grateful. Neverthelss, not to be happy first, you should think your kids. What does their feeling if they spend most of them without you? They will be angry and hate you. The worst part is they might not meet you again.

Get any health disorders

Undoudtedly, there are many pilots who don’t maintain their health optimally. They usually like staying up, consuming junk foods and soft drinks, avoiding sport, and doing other bad habits. This makes them get any health disorders easily. Some of them deal with lung disorder and obesity and some others have to face diabetes and heart attack. To avoid getting any health disorders, you should maintain your body’s health as well as possible by replacing junk foods and soft drinks with health foods and drinks, doing sport regularly, taking enough rest, consuming healthy supplements and vitamins, and so on. The point is you should apply healthy lifestyle now. By doing this, your life will be better because you will be free from any diseases.

Before Joining a Foreign Pilot School

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flight schoolIn general, there are many pilot schools in each country. At some flight schools, there are not only local students but also foreign or international students who come from various countries. They decide to join foreign pilot schools because they want to get better skill and knowledge and graduate fast. Are you interested in joining a foreign pilot school? If you answer yes, it is a good choice but you should do these first:

Know school in detail

Yup, before joining a pilot school abroad, you should know that school in detail. Find information about its reputation and track record soon. If actually it has bad track record and deals with authorities, you should not trust it. Besides, look for information about tuition fee and facility that you will get there. If tutition fee is too expensive and facility is not adequate, you should also not choose that school. If you want to save some money, check whether school offers scholarship or installment program. Also don’t forget to know whether you can stay at dormitory or should rent a house. If you can stay at dormitory, you can save living cost. In contrast, if you rent a house, you should prepare much budget as accomodation cost.

Ask yourself whether you can adapt well there

As you probably know, not all foreign students can adapt in new environment at pilot school. For this, ask yourself what you can adapt well there. If you still doubt, check what things that are differents from your countries. Basically, there are many differences that you should face, such as: cultural, wheater, language, food, habit, religion, and so on. Learn those differences before going to abroad so you cannot feel shocked when arriving there. If you are not sure that you can adapt and survive there, cancel your plan or choose a pilot school which is located in coutry that is based on your opinion is not different from your country. For example, if you come from Malaysia, you can choose pilot school in Indonesia that is not so different from your country or if you live in Canada, you can choose a pilot school in United States.

Prepare certain plans and solutions to deal with any problems

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. For this, you should prepare certain plans and solutions to deal with any problems that might happen when studying at a pilot school abroad. For example, to deal with any problems with foods, you can prepare food recipes from your country or to face any language or culture, you can prepare dictionary or start building new friendship so you can get help from your friends. If you are ready to face anything that will happen in the future, you will enjoy studying and living in another country.

Last but not least, prepare needed documents a few weeks before going to abroad. You should be a legal student there. Furthermore, follow all procedures and enjoy your life. If you face any problems, find the right solution, don’t solve by using emotion, okay!